You don't have to give up a 5-Star Service in order to pay less in commissions

Hundreds of satisfied customers and over 150 3rd party verified transparent reviews that would make your parents proud.

You don't have to give up a 5-Star Service in order to pay less in commissions

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We believe we're only as good as our last review. Every customer is asked to leave feedback. We use customer reviews to ensure we deliver an excellent service. And if we ever come up short, we put it right.

Working with Jeff was an absolute delight from start to close!

He ensured we were clear about every step along the way, and the tech used made the entire listing and closing process easy to complete!

Jared Tracy


Simply put, Dave and his team were great from start to finish.

Everything worked like clockwork and was simple and straight forward. I saved several thousand dollars by using Dave’s services to sell my home. Lock-box, photos, document signing , inspections were all easy to deal with. I would strongly recommend using his services for selling your home. Thanks again Dave and team !



I had never heard of a flat fee listing agent before finding Everhome.

It’s still hard to believe the level of service I received at such a nominal fee. I had a whole team of people working with and for me. Jeff was patient, kind, forthright, humorous, respectful, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and responsive. He knows his business and patiently explained where we were throughout the whole process. He also provided very good insights into how the deals would go down. Real Estate in Los Angeles was especially crazy during the pandemic and we went through 3 different deals before we landed on the right one. Word of warning, the first offer was from a developer/investor/prospector and they made a very appealing high offer which ended up tying up my property before they did their due diligence to research it. I called this one “Fools Gold”, and both Jeff as well as his partner/owner of Everhome sensed something was amiss and warned me about it. They’d seen this before and, sure enough, the offer was withdrawn after the fact when the investor realized my property was not zoned for building apartment buildings (R2 is for two residences only). This type of behaviour brings the whole market down and there are many people making empty offers and tying up properties – so SELLER BEWARE. The second deal had its own set of issues, which Jeff managed expertly, with backup offers still coming in, we were well positioned and not to be low-balled. Our 3x a charm offer came in and we sealed the deal in record time! I was ecstatic with the outcome and it was all done over the phone and via email while I was on the road in a cross-country RV move. They made my life easy and I’m a big fan. We saved a ton of money in agents fees. Big thanks and shout out to Heidi and McKenzie who worked their magic in paperwork and marketing, respectively. Both provided great advice and dedicated time along the way. And to Dave Bartels, the owner/founder of Everhome who personally got on the phone with me to answer all my questions and assure me that this flat fee listing agency was LEGIT. THANK YOU ALL! I highly recommend Jeff Atkinson and the Everhome crew for anyone selling their home.

wendy profit


I worked with Jeff during a recent real estate transaction.

We sold our home of 26 years. It has been so long since we sold a house and I have to admit, I was apprehensive about using a “discount” firm. Frankly the huge cost savings helped me to overcome any misgivings I had. I was pleasantly surprised at how seamless and painless the whole process was. Jeff answered a lot of questions up front and his sage advise put my fears to rest. Not only did we save a lot of money in real estate commissions but we sold the house for almost 10% over our asking price! Jeff was completely professional throughout the entire process and everything went great. I can’t imagine I’m ever going to work with a full price brokerage again



Using Everhome Realty was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

After listing by owner, I received dozens and dozens of calls from wanna-be listing agents. Their words were predictable, and some tried to trick me by saying they had a buyer and asking to see the house in person, where they tried to convince me in person to list with them. They drove me nuts. So when Everhome called, I immediately recognized that their offer was entirely different and made lots of sense financially. The flat rate of $2900 sold me, but the service for that price far exceeded my expectations. From the hour I signed, the team members began calling me one by one, introducing themselves and telling me their role in the sale. They listed my house on the MLS within 3 days. Jeff Atkinson is the agent and I was always able to contact him. Together we strategized the order of pictures, looked at comps, discussed offers, and countered… I opted to get a lockbox ($200)!so buying agents could bring their clients without my presence, and also for professional photography ($400), which really got potential buyers in the doors. I was involved always, with Jeff guiding me, so I never felt like I was alone or not the decision-maker. Also, I was able to dictate the percentage that the buying agent was paid. I offered 2 1/2% so not only did I save about $24,000 on the listing agent side, I saved another approximately $5000 on the buying agent side. Honestly I would never sell a home any other way for the rest of my life. Working with Jeff, who is friendly, personable and very knowledgeable from experience, was so easy, and I felt supported during the whole process.

Janine Montoya


Everhome, is like no other real estate agency.

I love the business model. It allows an owner to save lots of money, but receive; marketing, negotiation, legal and insurance assistance. We signed up and paid a low flat fee to Everhome. We paid no seller’s commission. We were able to set our own buyers agents commission, which save us even more money. Everhome, listed our house on the MLS and major realty websites. Calls for appointments were screened by Everhome, for pre-qualification and sent to us. We set up appointments and showed the house ourselves. We enjoyed meeting everyone. We liked telling them all there is to do in the neighborhood. We gave them remodeling ideas. We even pointed out the plants and produce in the yard. When multiple offers came in David Bartels CEO of Everhome was a master negotiator. He educated us on real estate methods and practices. Sometimes we did not agree. Therefore, he helped us separate our emotions from logic and come to a compromise. He was wise, experienced, patient and professional. He insured that we accepted the financially strongest offer. This prevented the deal from falling out of escrow later. David and his amazing staff called, texted, and emailed every day during escrow. This allowed escrow to close smoothly and on time. Selling your home is very stressful. Emotionally, letting go of people and places in the area. Mentality, it is challenging because of all the legal jargon and documents. Physically stressful because of all the downsizing, garage sales, craigslist, and packing up the house and yard. We trusted and depended on David and the Everhome staff. Not only did they get us through, but David was fun, and often made us laugh. So, if you want less stress, with all the benefits of a realtor but don’t want to spend $30,000, then Everhome is for you. It would be crazy not to use Everhome. We will always use them and we think everyone should. Aileen and Chris Ventura



A+++ for Jeff Atkison is a broker who works on a flat fee basis and saved us thousands in brokers fees!

He helped us sell our home in record time. He is a full-service professional. Jeff helped us through the entire process, explained what to expect, and answered all of our questions. He knows his way around contracts and legal jargon. He always has your best interests at heart. He is the real deal, look no further! We strongly recommend Jeff Atkinson for all your real estate needs.

David Jackson


We are so happy we decided to use Jeff and Everhome.

The process was simple from start to finish. I love that I was able to set my own number for an agent fee, and we saved significantly on our home sale. Don’t be afraid to think outside the standard 3% box! You and your bank account will be happier for it. Thanks Jeff!!

Vanessa Peery


I would definitely recommend Jeff to everyone and anyone that needs to sell a home and wants to save a tons of money on listing fees.

Jeff and his support team would always be there to walk you through every step of the way with ease and confidence. If you don’t mind to show your own home by yourself, then go with Everhome. My experiences with Everhome had been nothing but 5 stars from start to finish. Thank you everyone at Everhome, keep up the great work



Jeff was there from beginning to end.

Always answered my questions and concerns. He was a really great negotiator saved us thousands of dollars. We were very satisfied with our experience with Jeff and his company.

DebbieBanuelos Jorge

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