You don't have to give up a 5-Star Service in order to pay less in commissions

We believe we're only as good as our last review. Every customer is asked to leave feedback. We use customer reviews to ensure we deliver an excellent service. And if we ever come up short, we put it right.

You don't have to give up a 5-Star Service in order to pay less in commissions


Why the Bloch’s Chose Everhome

The Blochs choose to sell their home in order to be closer to their grandkids​

What they say about us

We believe we're only as good as our last review. Every customer is asked to leave feedback. We use customer reviews to ensure we deliver an excellent service. And if we ever come up short, we put it right.

"This is the second time we have worked with David Bartels on a home sale.

Both times he exceeded expectations. Before we made the decision to sell, David was very helpful with preliminary decision making. When the time was right, David sat down with us to gain a full understanding of our goals. Then, he put together a plan to achieve those goals. He followed through and did exactly what he said he would do to achieve our goals and ultimately exceeded what we had hoped for. David is a real professional with extensive knowledge of the real estate market as well as the mechanics of the sale itself. He explains concepts and terms clearly and lays out plans in an easy to understand way. He is fair minded and a great negotiator. I would not hesitate working with David on future home sales and have recommended him to friends and family. “



"This is the first time I've used “Everhome Realty” however second time I've used a flat fee company.

Everhome offered more services than most flat fee companies. Our agent (Elena out of South Florida) was very engaging and had a genuine interest in having a successful transaction at the right price in a timely manner. She was responsive to our concerns in a quickly changing market and provided market analysis products to justify her recommendations. She also made “”money-saving”” suggestions for the closing process. Our house went on the market right as the Fed was raising rates (Spring ’22) which caused an immediate “cooling down” of a previously red-hot seller’s market in FL. Properties that previously were being bought virtually… and practically sight unseen, were now being knit-picked over the interior paint scheme to lower the price! After my initial attempt at FSBO had not produced any offers, we signed up with Everhome then followed Elana’s recommendations and soon had an offer within the expected average days on the market for our price point…which we were happy to get our (adjusted) listing pricing!!. The Buyer’s Agent (BA) was very un-involved and non-communicative once the purchase contract was signed (later learned buyers were from W. Palm Beach but referred to BA in Miami-Dade.) In our opinion she embodied most traits that reflect poorly with realtors as a profession…make unfulfilling promises then do as little as possible yet expect a handsome payday at closing. Elena doggedly sent repeated emails and texts for the BA, title company and Lenders to keep US in the loop of the closing process, also let them know we are available to provide any info needed to expedite the process. Elena did not receive a single call from BA until day of closing (which was postponed due to Ian)…NOW they were wanting info to assist the new owner with the property!! Overall, did Everhome save me money?…Yes; Did they provide the services claimed?…Yes; Would I use them again and/or recommend them?…Yes; Will I ever use a “full service” listing agent again?…Definitely Not!!”



I loved this company service, very innovative, affordable and efficient.

The Customer service of Esmeralda was outstanding, she was always there to advise me and help me with all my needs! i hope i can work with them again and they take over the market with this new system!

Nano Pinheiro


The Customer service of Esmeralda was outstanding, she was always there to advise me and help me with all my needs!

The online scheduling app made the viewing appointments easy and accessible to set up at our convenience. I would definitely use Esmeralda and her team again as the savings and service are well worth it, this new system is very innovative, affordable and efficient.



I worked with Jeff Atkinson and Heidi Trottno at Everhome.

Both are highly competent and responsive professionals. They always had my best interest as a seller in mind as they guided me through the twists and turns ofvtge listing and selling processes.



David and Heidi helped us sell our home quickly and for the price we wanted.

They have helped us with other real estate transactions in the past that have all gone well. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service and advice we get with Everhome and highly recommend them.

Curt Allison

We worked with David Bartels and his associate Heidi Trottno on the purchase of two homes.

Buying a house is normally a stressful adventure but they made it so easy and seamless! They always responded to our questions and concerns quickly and thoroughly. They took care of us as if we were family. David and Heidi are both incredibly seasoned professionals and we will not hesitate to work with them again in the future!

Gerri Yulzari

"Working with David and Heidi was the best experience and less stressful experience ever.

They are both professional, ethical and reliable. I highly recommend their services to anyone. Best company ever! “

Azu Parra

Everhome, is like no other real estate agency.

I love the business model. It allows an owner to save lots of money, but receive; marketing, negotiation, legal and insurance assistance. We signed up and paid a low flat fee to Everhome. We paid no seller’s commission. We were able to set our own buyers agents commission, which save us even more money. Everhome, listed our house on the MLS and major realty websites. Calls for appointments were screened by Everhome, for pre-qualification and sent to us. We set up appointments and showed the house ourselves. We enjoyed meeting everyone. We liked telling them all there is to do in the neighborhood. We gave them remodeling ideas. We even pointed out the plants and produce in the yard. When multiple offers came in David Bartels CEO of Everhome was a master negotiator. He educated us on real estate methods and practices. Sometimes we did not agree. Therefore, he helped us separate our emotions from logic and come to a compromise. He was wise, experienced, patient and professional. He insured that we accepted the financially strongest offer. This prevented the deal from falling out of escrow later. David and his amazing staff called, texted, and emailed every day during escrow. This allowed escrow to close smoothly and on time. Selling your home is very stressful. Emotionally, letting go of people and places in the area. Mentality, it is challenging because of all the legal jargon and documents. Physically stressful because of all the downsizing, garage sales, craigslist, and packing up the house and yard. We trusted and depended on David and the Everhome staff. Not only did they get us through, but David was fun, and often made us laugh. So, if you want less stress, with all the benefits of a realtor but don’t want to spend $30,000, then Everhome is for you. It would be crazy not to use Everhome. We will always use them and we think everyone should. Aileen and Chris Ventur

Aileen Kiernan

"Working with Everhome was a wonderful experience from listing to close!

The entire team ensured that everything was done thoroughly and in a timely manner. Working with Jeff and Heidi was delightful! They responded quickly to address every question we had. The technology used by Everhome makes the entire process fast! “

Jared Tracy

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