I had never heard of a flat fee listing agent before finding Everhome.

It’s still hard to believe the level of service I received at such a nominal fee. I had a whole team of people working with and for me. Jeff was patient, kind, forthright, humorous, respectful, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and responsive. He knows his business and patiently explained where we were throughout the whole process. He also provided very good insights into how the deals would go down. Real Estate in Los Angeles was especially crazy during the pandemic and we went through 3 different deals before we landed on the right one. Word of warning, the first offer was from a developer/investor/prospector and they made a very appealing high offer which ended up tying up my property before they did their due diligence to research it. I called this one “Fools Gold”, and both Jeff as well as his partner/owner of Everhome sensed something was amiss and warned me about it. They’d seen this before and, sure enough, the offer was withdrawn after the fact when the investor realized my property was not zoned for building apartment buildings (R2 is for two residences only). This type of behaviour brings the whole market down and there are many people making empty offers and tying up properties – so SELLER BEWARE. The second deal had its own set of issues, which Jeff managed expertly, with backup offers still coming in, we were well positioned and not to be low-balled. Our 3x a charm offer came in and we sealed the deal in record time! I was ecstatic with the outcome and it was all done over the phone and via email while I was on the road in a cross-country RV move. They made my life easy and I’m a big fan. We saved a ton of money in agents fees. Big thanks and shout out to Heidi and McKenzie who worked their magic in paperwork and marketing, respectively. Both provided great advice and dedicated time along the way. And to Dave Bartels, the owner/founder of Everhome who personally got on the phone with me to answer all my questions and assure me that this flat fee listing agency was LEGIT. THANK YOU ALL! I highly recommend Jeff Atkinson and the Everhome crew for anyone selling their home.

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