Using Everhome Realty was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

After listing by owner, I received dozens and dozens of calls from wanna-be listing agents. Their words were predictable, and some tried to trick me by saying they had a buyer and asking to see the house in person, where they tried to convince me in person to list with them. They drove me nuts. So when Everhome called, I immediately recognized that their offer was entirely different and made lots of sense financially. The flat rate of $2900 sold me, but the service for that price far exceeded my expectations. From the hour I signed, the team members began calling me one by one, introducing themselves and telling me their role in the sale. They listed my house on the MLS within 3 days. Jeff Atkinson is the agent and I was always able to contact him. Together we strategized the order of pictures, looked at comps, discussed offers, and countered… I opted to get a lockbox ($200)!so buying agents could bring their clients without my presence, and also for professional photography ($400), which really got potential buyers in the doors. I was involved always, with Jeff guiding me, so I never felt like I was alone or not the decision-maker. Also, I was able to dictate the percentage that the buying agent was paid. I offered 2 1/2% so not only did I save about $24,000 on the listing agent side, I saved another approximately $5000 on the buying agent side. Honestly I would never sell a home any other way for the rest of my life. Working with Jeff, who is friendly, personable and very knowledgeable from experience, was so easy, and I felt supported during the whole process.

Janine Montoya