Everhome, is like no other real estate agency.

I love the business model. It allows an owner to save lots of money, but receive; marketing, negotiation, legal and insurance assistance. We signed up and paid a low flat fee to Everhome. We paid no seller’s commission. We were able to set our own buyers agents commission, which save us even more money. Everhome, listed our house on the MLS and major realty websites. Calls for appointments were screened by Everhome, for pre-qualification and sent to us. We set up appointments and showed the house ourselves. We enjoyed meeting everyone. We liked telling them all there is to do in the neighborhood. We gave them remodeling ideas. We even pointed out the plants and produce in the yard. When multiple offers came in David Bartels CEO of Everhome was a master negotiator. He educated us on real estate methods and practices. Sometimes we did not agree. Therefore, he helped us separate our emotions from logic and come to a compromise. He was wise, experienced, patient and professional. He insured that we accepted the financially strongest offer. This prevented the deal from falling out of escrow later. David and his amazing staff called, texted, and emailed every day during escrow. This allowed escrow to close smoothly and on time. Selling your home is very stressful. Emotionally, letting go of people and places in the area. Mentality, it is challenging because of all the legal jargon and documents. Physically stressful because of all the downsizing, garage sales, craigslist, and packing up the house and yard. We trusted and depended on David and the Everhome staff. Not only did they get us through, but David was fun, and often made us laugh. So, if you want less stress, with all the benefits of a realtor but don’t want to spend $30,000, then Everhome is for you. It would be crazy not to use Everhome. We will always use them and we think everyone should. Aileen and Chris Ventura