Jeff was a constant help to us in every step of the process of selling our house.

His clarity, knowledge, and serious attention to every detail that needed to be addressed was reassuring. He was patient and gave generously any amount of time we needed to understand the process and addressed any question we had, expertly. Selling a house can be so stressful, but Jeff, helped relieve our worries with superior communication skills, thoughtful perspectives, as well as with a great sense of humor. He really had our backs in every way in all items that required negotiations. He fought for us, and ensured positive outcomes, always going the extra mile to ensure success. We spoke almost daily through the whole process. He came to feel like a highly valued family member, just the kind you need when important decisions need to be made. We are surely better people for having had contact with Jeff, who modeled impeccible attention to every detail, each aspect of the sale of our home, as well as unquestionable integrity. Jeff’s performance went way beyond any expectation we could have imagined needing from a real estate agent before we started this lengthy and complex process. He is the reliable professional needed to get the job done, and done well. Jeff was a true inspiration by modeling excellence at all times in his job duties for us.

Jim and Annette Dellemonico