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Every 60 seconds, a homeowner requests a cash for their home.

Everhome makes sure that the cash offers come in near the appraisal, while you never have to list the house or do showings.

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Cash Offers with Everhome

We’ll make sure you get a competitive cash offer so you get a stress-free sale without the stress of listing.
Get a cash offer and get paid
Sell directly to our investors and get paid in a matter of days. You’ll have the cash you need to buy your next home.
Skip showings and repairs
Do a video walkthrough and skip the showings. If repairs are needed, you can let us handle the work.
Move on your schedule
We believe in an easier home sale. Choose your close date to avoid double-moves and double‑mortgages.

The simpler way to sell

Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving an offer on your home from Everhome is free, and comes with absolutely no obligation to sell. To get started, enter your address at the top of this page, and we’ll walk you through some quick questions about your home’s condition, features, and upgrades.

While we hear this a lot, there is no catch. As a Real Estate brokerage we have access to investors and cash buyers who are looking for investment properties. On our end we earn our commission through the transaction process very similar to the standard real estate commission.

For our cash offer program we are open to all listings. Like mentioned previously we have a large network of investors and cash buyers who are often looking for income properties.

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