Where Should I List My Home? Everhome vs Zillow

Homeowners often ask, “What’s the difference between listing my home with Everhome and Listing with Zillow® as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO)?” 

The big difference is that Everhome delivers about 400% more marketing exposure than a listing on Zillow alone. 

This happens because Zillow aggregates your listing with listings from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), while Everhome syndicates your listing to thousands of other websites for maximum exposure. Aggregation limits exposure, while syndication expands exposure.

In other words, when you list your house for sale on Zillow, it can only be viewed by people searching for homes in the “other listings” category on Zillow’s website.

Most people are not even aware that houses listed “For Sale By Owner” appear in a secondary category called “Other listings”. 

What are “Other listings”? 

If you look at the graphic below, you can see there are “Agent listings” and there are “Other listings”. “Agent listings” are the main group of listings viewed by buyers that consist only of homes offered for sale by agents via the Multiple Listing Service and “Other listings” include For Sale By Owner Listings and other listing feeds that are not offered in the Multiple Listings Service. These secondary homes get less exposure and take longer to sell than homes in the main “Agent listing” category. 

While a lot of people use Zillow to search for homes, a lot more use other websites to shop for homes. In fact, Everhome supercharges your exposure by listing your home in the “Agent listing” category on Zillow plus thousands of other websites where buyers are looking to buy their new home. 

How do we do it? #

Our team of Marketing Specialists, Seller Representatives and Listing Coordinators start by working with you to list your house putting your listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Then we syndicate your listing to Zillow®, Redfin®, Trulia®, Realtor.com® plus every local real estate brokerage and members of your local association of Realtors.  This represents thousands of websites that help buyers find and learn about your home. The result is, anyone, anywhere in the world, looking on any property search website for a house like yours, will be able to easily find it. 

The major benefits #

Listing your house with Everhome also eliminates the dozens of solicitation calls you get from agents trying to convince you to list with them. When your house is listed in the local MLS, agents are not allowed to call to solicit or to ask how much you will pay them if they bring you a buyer. In your MLS listing, you will include an offer of compensation to the buyer’s agent that is $1 or more (the national average is about 2.7%). This removes the redundant buyer agent calls asking what you will pay for an offer that closes. With Everhome, you make one written offer of compensation to all agents and the only reason they need to call is to schedule a showing to see the house with a buyer. 

There is no place that gives you more exposure than the Realtor’s Multiple Listing Service. It is the secret weapon Realtor’s use to sell homes faster and for more money than seller’s trying to sell their home on Zillow alone. The best part is that with Everhome, your MLS listing is free as part of the Listed With Owner program. 

Everhome’s Listed With Owner program offers massive exposure and full service representation to home sellers for a low set fee. To learn more, call (805) 379-3300 for a free consultation.

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