What are the best features to highlight in my home?

Location is one of the first things buyers are looking at. If a family has children, of course they’ll want to know about schools and the safety of the neighborhood. This is also one of the biggest points taken into consideration when pricing your home. Whether you’re conveniently located near shopping and entertainment or your property is a country getaway, play up the vibe that attracts your type of buyer.

Today’s buyers are very interested in outdoor living. If your backyard has privacy and looks like a great place to hang out with friends, it’s a major plus. Put emphasis on your deck or patio, pool, built-in barbecue and anything that sings out “Entertainer’s Delight.” While we’re on the topic of the exterior of your home, don’t forget to mention if you have well-lit walkways and a security alarm system.

Energy saving features are in huge demand in today’s market. If you have Energy Star-certified appliances, then shout it out. Likewise, energy efficient windows can cut energy costs by 12% and this is a savings well worth noting over time.

What size is your garage? If you have a well-organized place for overhead storage, tools, workbench, kid’s bikes and a place to kick off muddy boots, then let it be known. Remember, the buyer is thinking of how their stuff would fit in your house, and that includes things that require storage space.

Hardwood floors on the interior are trending to be much more popular than carpeted rooms, as they’re easier to clean and more durable. This can also bring up the value of your home.

Buyers will be especially interested in the size of your master bedroom. If you have a walk-in closet and private bathroom, these are important selling points.

If you have a separate laundry room, this is also worth noting. Tell buyers if you have room for a table/surface to fold clothes and keep laundry out of the way — before it’s put away.

Above all, the kitchen is often the deal maker because it’s truly the heart of the home. And, if you’re thinking about doing any upgrades on your home before selling, this is where you’ll get the best return on your investment. Granite countertops, modern appliances and a walk-in pantry are all very attractive selling points in today’s market.