Should I just take the highest offer?

Not necessarily. The best offer is not always the highest offer. A high offer, sometimes comes with terms and conditions that are not acceptable.

For example, it might be better to take a lower priced offer that is much more likely to close, rather than a higher offer, if the lower offer has no loan contingency, no appraisal contingency and no inspection contingency.

A higher offer with a buyer who may not be properly qualified to buy your home – or has a contingency to sell a home before buying – may not be as attractive as a lower offer without the risks.

Bear in mind, in competitive markets where multiple offers are common, some buyers will make a high offer to get you to accept it, and then renegotiate a credit for repairs, or use a lower appraisal to renegotiate the price. 

Everhome’s Listed With Owner program gives you a licensed representative to manage these nuances and close the deal in your best interest, for a low set fee.