How To Show Your House with Everhome

What is real estate showing? #

A real estate showing is the opportunity for potential buyers and agents to view your property. It is not only important for potential buyers to attend the showings but also for agents as agents often have multiple clients who are looking for a new home. Additionally, offering showings is a good indicator of how well received your property is in the market. For example, if you are getting a lot of showings that means your property is likely in high demand.

What are my showing options? #

Open House #

An open house is a public event where you as a seller provide a day or multiple days where any buyers or agents can view the property. This is a fantastic opportunity to increase your exposure and generate buzz around your listing.

If you plan to host an open house please let your sales representative know ahead of time. We can help create marketing buzz as well as let all local agents know you will be hosting an open house. Additionally, we may have local agents in your location who may be willing to host the open house for you.

Lock Box House Showing #

A lock box house showing is when you attach a lock box with a key to your property and provide the access code to agents. Lock boxes are often attached to the front door handle and can be Bluetooth access or have a physical code. The use of lock boxes for home showings has become one of the most popular methods.

This is the primary method of showing with Everhome. We handle all appointment scheduling via our ShowingTime app. We do not allow buyers to view the property via lock box without having an agent present. All agents are vetted by us and approved by you before receiving the access code. For further information, we have added the link to the lockbox we use which provides single-use codes.

Tips for Open House Showings #

Print Marketing Material #

Marketing material is extremely important when conducting an open house. This is because the potential buyers and agents often attend multiple open houses and can easily forget which house was yours. If you are planning on conducting an open house. We will provide you with a digital flier for you to print out. Please make sure to review the flier and provide any feedback so we can make sure all information is updated and accurate.

Get Contact Information #

Getting contact information is vital to a successful open house. When you decided to conduct an open house buyers and agents will come and go very quickly. So, if you do not have any contact information you or your seller representative will not be able to follow up. Many sellers and agents include a sign-in sheet at the entrance of the open house. Questions to have on a sign-up sheet are:

  1.  Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Agent (Y/N)

Ask Questions #

Asking questions and listening to feedback is often the most forgotten practice. Those who show up to your open house are your potential customers and could even be the buyer. What they say and think about your property is important. Find out what they love most and what they are hesitant about. During the next open house, you can make changes. More importantly, if you end up in a negotiation you know what details you can leverage. However, it is also important to note that many buyers will exaggerate how they feel so try to find common opinions and focus on those.

Tips for Lock Box Showings #

Leave when your house is being shown #

Homeowners often have strong connections to their home and can feel like an overbearing salesperson when showing their house. As homeowners move through the home they talk about small details and paint a picture of how they see it. However, buyers have a different view of the house and when being sold a different idea can turn them off. If you must stay, then we recommend greeting them warmly and then giving them space. Provided answers only when asked and be sure to avoid discussions about price. If the price is brought up encourage them to submit an offer for review. Again, try to leave if possible. We have learned that not only is it better, but buyers prefer to look at homes when they can move around freely.

Make your house as available as possible #

As we mentioned at the top, it is extremely rare for a buyer who has not seen a property to put in an offer. If you do not make the property available for showing during their schedule, then they will likely move on. Very often buyers try to schedule their showings in groups of three or four homes. So, if you miss the day, they may or may not reschedule with you. While it may be inconvenient to show your home at dinnertime or on weekends, buyers who cannot see a property when they are eager may cross it off their list.

Listen to feedback #

Just like with open houses, understanding buyer and agent sentiment are too often forgotten. After every lockbox showing, your seller representative will send multiple feedback requests to the buyer agent. The feedback will include questions asking for insights into the price and their impression, as well as questions and concerns about the showing and the listing. If your representative gets a response they will pass the feedback onto you to discuss and create action items.

Tips on how to show your home without an agent