Is Zillow The Way To Go? “Where Should I List My Home?”

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Listing your home as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) is the go-to move for those who want to save money. It’s a doable strategy, but kind of throws you off with a lot of questions and decisions in the process. 

One of these questions is the head-scratch-inducing “where should I list my home?”. 

Zillow would usually come up and while a great company to entrust your beloved home with, It is always a wise idea to look around for other suitable options. 

How do Zillow listings work, you may ask.

When you search for homes on Zillow, the map’s default view only shows you properties that are listed with an agent. 

For buyers to contact you, they must select the “other listings” button on the page.

It is highly doubtful that a buyer’s first instinct would be to click on that instead of the more highlighted “Agent listings” button which houses homes offered for sale by agents via the Multiple Listing Service. The “other listings” button is considered secondary in the category of listings and receives less exposure. And it doesn’t need saying but less exposure means fewer viewers. And fewer viewers mean fewer potential buyers. You get the idea. 

This could be a challenge for the FSBO seller. But the internet is a broad space and home buyers like to go around and look before buying. There are a lot of other websites that home buyers visit to shop for homes. 

But Zillow lets me list my home for free — yeah, you’re right. Sort of.

You are charged nothing when you create a Zillow FSBO listing. When a connection between a realtor and a customer is made on the website, Zillow charges the agent for a fee. If the customer directly contacts you, Zillow gets nothing. That sounds about fair but even though you’re listing your house as for sale by owner, Zillow still places an easily seen, huge “Contact Agent” button near the top of the page. And this does not contain your contact information. To find your details, a buyer has to scroll all the to the bottom of the “Overview” section. This is where the true cost of listing with Zillow comes in. 

It is far more likely that a customer will click on the “Contact Agent” button than scroll down to find your details and get in touch with you directly. 

So Zillow makes money from your FSBO listing, and you are now left with a buyer with an agent calling you in the morning to arrange for a showing asking about commission details. 

If you aren’t offering buyer’s agent commission, they may refuse to show your home and steer your potential buyer toward other properties. So much for saving on commission fees. 

What now? Zillow’s the Go-to. Are there alternatives?

A resounding YES. There are a lot of alternatives to listing on Zillow. But here’s one that delivers about 400% more marketing exposure than a listing on Zillow alone. 

Everhome syndicates your listing to thousands of other websites, therefore, expanding your listing’s exposure. Everhome also lists your home on Zillow but supercharges your exposure by listing your home in the “Agent listing” category on Zillow.

Not only that, Everhome’s team of Marketing Specialists, Seller Representatives, and Listing Coordinators work with you and list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and syndicate your listing to Zillow®, Redfin®, Trulia®,® plus every local real estate brokerage and members of your local association of Realtors.  Now that’s exposure!

FSBO is the go-to-move for people who want to save money. But there’s a difference between people who want to save money and people who sell fast for top dollar, stress-free AND save money.

You read that right. Stress-free. Everhome eliminates the dozens of solicitation calls you might get from agents trying to convince you to list with them. With Everhome, you make one written offer of compensation to all agents and the only reason they need to call is to schedule a showing to see the house with a buyer. 

The best part? With Everhome, your MLS listing is free as part of the Listed With Owner program. 

Everhome’s Listed With Owner program offers massive exposure and full service representation to home sellers for a low set fee. To learn more, call (805) 379-3300 for a free consultation.

Zillow® is a registered trademark of Zillow, Inc. Redfin® is a registered trademark of Redfin Corporation. Trulia® is a registered trademark of Trulia, LLC.® is the official site of the National Association of REALTORS® and is operated by Move, Inc.

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