Frequently Asked Questions

Everhome currently lists single family residential properties and complexes with up to to four units. For more information about what properties you can list and pricing please view our seller representation page.

To begin your home listing with Everhome, you will need to go to our easy to use listing app and answer a few questions. It typically takes 15-30 minutes from start to finish. Click here to begin your listing.

After finishing with your listing you will schedule a call with a licensed agent to review your listing.

At the end of the application there will be a calendar display where you will choose a time the best suits your schedule. During this call your dedicated agent will review your listing application and answer any additional questions you may have.

You will need to review the listing agreement that you have signed with your current brokerage. We have created this resource to help you understand listing agreements, as well as, how and if you can cancel.

Can I Cancel a Real Estate Listing Agreement in California

Our goal is to bring as many motivated buyers to your door.

We do this by listing your home on all the appropriate multiple listing services for your area. We then syndicate your listing to thousands of local and national listing sites including Zillow, Redfin, We will create a custom and dedicated website for your listing and promote it on our social media. Finally, we send your listing to our large database of potential buyers.

We provide two ways to get a home valuation. You can get an instant valuation or a more detailed agent valuation.

To get a home valuation please go to the following link: Home Valuation

Once your property is ready for showings we will send you a Bluetooth lock box and set up our home showing app with your property.

After set up, buyer agents will call and be vetted by us, which if approved will be sent to you for final approval. If you approve the showing then the agent will schedule via the showing application and enter using a one time lock box code.

No, you do not need to be at your home for the showing and we recommend not being at the house.

We provide a Bluetooth lock box to all our sellers that only verified and vetted agents will be able to access.

While we love to meet all our sellers in person you do not need to come to our office. Everything we do can be done safely online and remotely.

While we suggest using one of our Bluetooth lock boxes you do not need the lock box. If you prefer to be at your property to let the buyer and buyer agent in then you can do that.

You can send us your own photos which we will review, but professional photography is included and required with all of our listings.

We require using our photographers as they are experts in real estate photographing.

Yes, your property will be listed on all of the industry sites and follow the professional and best practice guidelines.

However, we expect your listing to look better than other listings!

Yes, you will be able to make changes to your listing throughout the entire process. As part of your listing team you will have a dedicated agent, a listing coordinator and a compliance manager who will all be available to make any changes as needed.

Your licensed agent will be the main point of contact once your home is listed. You will also be in close contact with your compliance manager the further into the selling and escrow process you are.

Yes, you do have to offer a buyer agent commission in order to be listed on the multiple listing services. We require the you offer a minimum of 2.5%, but your licensed agent will review best practices after finishing your listing application.

Unfortunately, there is a correlation between buyer agent commissions and showing. However, this does not mean that buyer agents won’t show your property.

Absolutely not, we only get paid after a successful close on the sale.

There are no additional fees from Everhome. You can choose to get some upgrades such as drone photography or open house showings.

The listing agreement period with Everhome is 6 months.

Yes! You can cancel your agreement with us anytime with no questions asked. However, if you cancel before 90 days we do require that you pay for any of the hard costs we incur such as: lockbox, showing app, photography, yard sign and removal, virtual tour. Below is the full cancellation policy.

B. CANCELLATION OF LISTING. There are no fees for cancellation after 90 days of being active in the MLS. Seller may cancel this listing at any time with the understanding that Everhome will incur specific expenses, on Seller’s behalf, to list and sell subject property. Everhome incurs those expenses, in good faith and with the expectation that they will have Seller’s full cooperation and ample time to sell the home and recover the incurred expenses, plus a fair profit. Seller also acknowledges that factors that greatly impact Everhome’s ability to sell the home, like list price, Buyer Broker commission, showing access and other factors are decided by seller alone. Failure to sell the property will primarily be the result of a factor that is controlled by the Seller and not Everhome. Everhome will make recommendations for success, but the decision to implement is that of the Seller only. Should seller cancel the listing within 90 days of being active in the MLS, Seller agrees to reimburse Everhome $1,180 for the costs incurred on seller’s behalf. In the event of cancellation and reimbursement of costs to Everhome, seller shall retain all rights to all photos to be used for any purpose.

Yes, we provide professional yard signs. If you are in a HOA that does not allow yard signs then we can send you corrugated signs based on the HOA requirements.

We currently provide full service listings in the Ventura and Los Angeles areas only.

No, Everhome does not pay for escrow and title, however we do handle all coordination and communication.

Absolutely! We have a great buyer representation program that provides buyers who work with us a 50% cash back credit on the buyer agent commission!

To learn more about our buyer representation program click the following link:

We highly recommend finding your own buyer. If you do find a buyer then we can provide a separate agent to represent them and you will earn a 50% cash back credit on the buyer agent commission.