Frequently Asked Questions

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is the term used to describe a property that is being sold by the owner without the assistance of a licensed agent. FSBOs are also known as unrepresented sellers.

Until now, there have been two options for selling a home: 1) For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and 2) listing the home for sale with an agent. FSBO only pays fees directly associated with selling the property while an agent charges a percentage of the sales price, typically 2.5%-3%. Everhome has introduced a third option, Listed With Owner. It offers the flexibility, control and cost savings of FSBO, with the massive exposure, full service representation and risk mitigation of a full service, full fee agent.

Everhome has created a hybrid model between For Sale by Owner and a real estate agency. Everhome’s Listed With Owner program offers the flexibility, control and cost savings of For Sale By Owner and the massive exposure, full service representation and risk mitigation of a full service, full fee agent for a low set fee regardless of the price of the home.

Also known as the MLS, the Multiple Listing Service is an online service of listings and past transactions available only to licensed members of the local Association of Realtors.

Any residential home of one to four units.

Everhome charges a low set fee of $3950 regardless of the price of your home.

As a seller you pay nothing upfront and the $3950 commission is paid to Everhome directly from escrow.

You can terminate your listing with Everhome without cost any time after being active on the MLS for 90 days. If you decided to terminate before 90 days on the MLS you may pay up to $680 depending on services rendered. 1) Showing Coordination-$90 2) Bluetooth Lockbox-$40 3) Everhome Yard Sign-$150, 4) Professional Photography and Virtual Tour-$400. You will also retain all rights to all photos to be used for any purpose.

No, Everhome does not pay for the seller's escrow and title. Escrow and title services are provided by independent, third-party providers and those fees are paid to those service providers at the close of escrow.

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Yes! With our Smart Buyer + program you can even earn 25% of the buyer agent commission by actively assisting in the search of your new home!

There are a lot of factors that go into selling a home like price, condition, location, market conditions and more. One of our licensed Seller Representatives would be happy to offer you a detailed analysis of comps, market conditions and recommended strategy for best results. All things being equal, you will sell your house just as fast with Everhome as you would by listing your home with a full fee agency.

We would be happy to provide a customized evaluation report for you.

The standard documents needed vary by property type, how the deed is recorded and county, but the minimum required documents are the Agency Disclosure, the Residential Purchase Agreement, the Seller Property Questionnaire, and the Transfer Disclosure Statement. In addition, there are several buyer and seller advisories and disclosures that should be made.

As part of the services provided, Everhome will provide a licensed Seller Representative and separate licensed Compliance Manager to handle all the details (and problems) for you. As an additional level of support, all sellers receive access to our legal network for free consultations before, during and after the transaction closes.