Real Estate Trends with David Bartels and Lee Honish

Everhome's Real Estate Trend Broadcast

What is going on in real estate today?


An in depth dive into the trends, news and events happening in the real estate industry. Primarily focused in the California market David Bartels along with Lee Honish disect how the trends and news will effect home owners. Whether you are an investor, agent, owner or just a real estate enthusiast this podcast is for you.

David Bartels - Real Estate Broker & Founder of Everhome

  • David is a Top 10 listing agent among all real estate agents in Ventura County, CA. He is also among the top 1% of all agents nationwide as measured by the number of houses listed and sold.

Lee Honish - Advocate, Author, Real Estate Consultant

  • Lee was the head loss mitigatory at IndyMac Bank with 20 years Asset Management & Real Estate background