What Happens After You Find an FSBO Buyer?

    There’s much more to selling a house than having a selling price and a close date. If it was a simple thing, it wouldn’t require an 18-page legal document with almost 100 paragraphs of legalese. The contract outlines who will do what, who is going to pay for it, when will it be done, and what happens if it’s not done. Additionally, there are dozens of pages of forms, advisories and disclosures, along with all the legal documents from escrow and title. 

    While it’s so vitally important to have proper representation through this complex process, we still hear three common remarks from  unrepresented sellers: 

    • I will have the escrow company represent me.
    • I will let the buyer’s agent handle the paperwork.
    • I have a friend or relative who is a real estate agent that will help me.
    What Happens After You Find an FSBO Buyer?

    Escrow Isn’t the Answer
    Escrow has a neutral role in the transaction. They may provide forms upon request, but they are forbidden to represent one side over the other. Escrow simply holds the buyer’s funds and coordinates the transaction to make sure all the parties involved perform as agreed. If there is a negotiation or dispute of any kind, escrow cannot help you. They only do what was agreed to in the contract.

    Don’t Trust the Buyer’s Agent
    Just because you pay the buyer’s agent a commission, it doesn’t mean he or she represents you. The buyer’s agent specifically represents the buyer’s interest. To say you will trust the buyer’s agent to represent you as the seller would be like going to court without a lawyer and letting the opposing counsel represent you. 

    A Friend or Relative May Help
    If you do have a friend or relative that is a licensed real estate agent, this may be a viable solution to getting through this complex legal transaction. Make sure they have access to and are familiar with the legal form, disclosures and advisories that are required. You will also want to be confident they are prepared to handle issues with buyer non performance, contract disputes and are experienced with  processing multiple offers. Their ability in these areas will be instrumental in getting top dollar for your home and mitigating the risk associated with mistakes, accidental exclusions and non compliance with the legal requirements of selling a home. 

    Everhome’s Sold With Owner Program
    If you already have a buyer, but aren’t prepared to manage the complex steps that come next, take a look at our Sold With Owner program. This is designed for unrepresented home sellers that already have  a buyer but need help from a licensed agent with critical and more complex elements of the transactions like, negotiations, purchase contract, , mandatory legal disclosures, contract disputes, request for repair negotiations, contingency removals and the details associated with escrow and title.

    For a low set fee of $2500 (paid at the close of escrow) we handle the complicated legal contracts, forms, and legally required Federal, State and local disclosures and advisories required when selling a home in the State of California. We make sure you are properly (and aggressively) represented in the negotiations, so you are not taken advantage of, and get the best price and terms when you sell your home.

    Everhome’s commitment to you includes:

    • Expert seller negotiations
    • Dedicated, full-service seller representation
    • Offer/Counteroffer consultations and preparation
    • Coordinate inspections
    • Request for repair consultations and negotiations
    • Field all questions from the Buyer or buyer’s agent
    • Full needs assessment
    • Detailed market analysis
    • Buyer qualification
    • Compliance manager for legal paperwork and disclosures
    • Time saving e-signature for most documents
    • Escrow and title coordination
    • Errors and omissions insurance
    • Secure document storage
    • Free legal consultations

    We have the experience and expertise needed to protect you and get your transaction closed. Our clients often tell us what a bargain it is, when they see how much more money they make as a result of our representation. Look at some of the testimonials the Everhome team has  received, and you decide.


    If you’d like to chat, call us at (805) 379-3300 for a free consultation. We’re here to help!