Finally the solution to sell your home online.

Everhome believes that for too long, prospective home sellers have been forced to choose between two extremes of the home selling spectrum – bloated full-service agent fees versus the uncertainty of navigating the home selling process independently. As a company we are deeply in tune with customer sentiment which has led to our latest technological innovations. Finally, we have created a way to provide home sellers access to technology and services that has previously only been available to Realtors.
As a technology driven, customer focused real estate agency we are committed to transforming the real estate market by creating a more consumer-centric, hybrid model for selling a home. This new option enables home sellers to leverage technology to list their home themselves on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), while providing professional, full-service representation to cover the more onerous and complicated elements of the process that generally dissuade home sellers from selling their home “by owner”.

our values

Everhome’s professional staff is held up to to the finest standards


We are committed to the highest levels of service.


We aim to deliver only the best with experience.



We never settle for less than extraordinary.


We execute expeditiously to address client needs.


We observe the highest ethical standards.


We always act in the best interest of our clients.


We make positive impact in the community.


We innovate disruptive technologies.

our mission

Everhome’s goal is to be the real estate disruptor

A firm advocate of homeowners rights, Everhome researched and listened to the market. We learned that home sellers would be far more likely to sell their home on their own if they felt confident they would be successful. As an agent of change for the real estate industry , we have spearheaded this seller-focused real estate innovation with the mission of being known for forever changing how houses are sold.

David Bartels



Meet the founder who works endlessly to support homesellers.

David Bartels is the Founder and CEO of Everhome, his fourth real estate venture. David is a thought leader in consumer-focused real estate solutions, who believes the real estate industry is primed and ready for a phase of deep recalibration. David is a distinguished expert in the areas of real estate sales and business models, innovative technology, and industry trends. In his current role as CEO of Everhome, a technology driven, customer focused real estate agency, David is putting his vision of empowering prospective home sellers with the technology to make it easy to market and sell their own homes like a Realtor.