10 Things Everhome Does to Get You Top Dollar Fast

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Rarely is an individual agent skilled in all aspects of listing and selling a house fast and for top dollar. There are many different levels of experience and skills. It’s safe to say that not all agents are created equal.

That is why at Everhome, we streamlined the process to ensure an expert handles each step of listing and selling a house. The best negotiators are not always good at marketing or the necessary paperwork details, so our best negotiators represent sellers, and our best marketing people take care of marketing. We hire skilled professionals to handle the part of the transaction they are experts in and do not ask them to do the things they do not like and are not experts at handling. 

This team approach ensures that your listing is expertly taken care of every step to get your home sold fast, for top dollar, and at a much lower cost than your local agent.

All agents look good (and take credit for being awesome) in a low-inventory, high-demand market where buyers make crazy, over-asking offers and waive contingencies. But the credit should go to the market, not the agent. 

If the great results sellers are getting are due to market conditions, a seller should hire a discount, flat fee, full-service Realtor. The typical Everhome savings on an $800,000 home are over $18,000. A typical agent that changes 2%-3% commission often adds minimal real value to the result. These savings are additional profit for the seller without giving up full service, expertise, or excellent results. The more expensive the home, the bigger the savings. 

But the market is transitioning back to normal, and your agent needs to be experienced and have a process in place to get you the best results. It will continue to be a seller’s market, and as a result, there will be more demand than available houses for some time to come.

Aside from the price you ask for your home, selecting an experienced team to execute an effective strategy successfully is the most critical decision you will make when selling a home.

Five Key Elements To Get Your Home Sold Fast and For Top Dollar

Below are five elements that must be well-executed to ensure success:

Asking Price: The price you offer your home for sale. This is different than what you will sell it for. 

Presentation: The quality of all interactions a potential buyer has with your house online and in person.

Exposure: How easy is it for a buyer to find your home?

Negotiations: Negotiations are far more than the price and close date. There are dozens of paragraphs of legalese and options in a purchase agreement that must be negotiated to favor the seller. 

Risk Mitigation: Selling a home is a significant financial and complex legal transaction with a lot of money at stake for the buyer and seller. Failure to execute the agreement or provide legally mandated disclosures and advisories creates liabilities that can be voided with careful management and legal support. 

10 Ways Everhome Ensure Your Home Sells Fast and for Top Dollar

1. Maximizing your net with reasonably priced services 

What does the price of the house have to do with the cost of selling it?

We do not understand why a $600K house costs twice as much to sell as a $300K house or why a $1.2M seller pays twice as much as the $600K seller considering, in this market, it takes the same amount of time, money and effort to sell all three houses. And so, our program is designed to leverage time and technology to deliver our services more cost-effectively than traditional real estate agencies. 

We developed a lower-cost model that allows sellers to save thousands when selling their homes without giving up full service, expertise, or excellent results. 

Our fee is just $4950, plus cooperating buyer agent commission for most homes up to $2M. 

If the typical commission savings for an $800,000 home is $18,000 to $24,000, the net proceeds to a seller are increased by $18,000 to $24,000. It is the same as selling a house for $18,000 to $24,000 more than another agent. 

2. Getting the highest price fast with a list price strategy

We offer sellers candid, honest advice when pricing a home.

Just because inventory is low doesn’t mean buyers will compete to buy the only overpriced listing in their price range.

There are three basic pricing strategies:

  1. Pricing the home high and leaving room for negotiations
  2. Price the house at the price it should sell for based on similar recently sold, comparable homes.
  3. Pricing the home a little under market value induce multiple buyers to compete to raise the selling price above the list price. 

There are generally two types of listings. Listings that sell in a few days with multiple offers above the list price and listings that will sit on the market until the price is reduced.

Sometimes, pricing a home higher than the last highest sold in a neighborhood is a good strategy, sometimes it is not. 

Therefore, before taking a listing live, we make sure sellers understand the pros and cons of each strategy and make a recommendation based on the individual needs of the seller and the local market conditions.

If desired results are not met, we review the virtual traffic, showing numbers, getting feedback, and comps to make the recommended adjustments to get the house sold at the high end of market value. 

4. Engage buyers with professional photographs

Professional photos are a must and are the cornerstone of a professional digital marketing package. That is why we hire a local professional photographer to take magazine-worthy, high-quality, high-definition photos of your home to present to potential buyers.

5. A Full Digital Marketing Package 

Our marketing team creates a beautiful digital marketing package with your professional photos to be used on thousands of websites to promote your listing.

The package includes:

  • A custom website.
  • A virtual tour.
  • A home flyer.
  • Social media ads you can use to market the property and save even more money if you find a buyer. 

6. Make your listing easy to find with massive exposure 

The Everhome way makes it easy for anyone, anywhere in the world, looking for a property like yours to discover. 

We start by placing your listing in your local multiple listing service and then syndicate it to thousands of other websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and every website local agents use to share listings with their buyers.  

Because a for-sale yard sign still accounts for 16% of buyers finding homes, we will deliver and install a professional yard sign to alert buyers and their friends and family that your house is listed for sale. 

7. Coordinate all showings to save you time

We will take on the hassle of coordinating showings with buyer agents so you won’t have to. 

Showing coordination includes vetting the buyer’s agents to make sure they are current members of the local association of Realtors. Once vetted, we will contact you via phone, text, email, or the easy-to-use app to propose a time. All you have to do is accept, decline, or suggest a new time. We will provide the instructions and handle the details for you. 

8. Bluetooth Lockbox for easy showings and getting valuable feedback 

With your approval, we will provide a special Bluetooth lockbox to allow vetted buyer agents to show your home by appointment only. 

After each showing, we will survey the buyer’s agent three times to get feedback and share them with you. 

9. Expert Representation for negotiations that make you more money

We will fully, professionally, and, if needed, aggressively represent you in the negotiations and other details of the transaction.

Our primary job is to make sure that you’re fully represented to get you the very best price and terms. All while mitigating the potential liability by ensuring all negotiable details are properly negotiated in your favor, including contract disputes, non-performance matters, and repair requests. 

Our compliance managers have an expert-level understanding of the purchase agreement, all related addenda, and legally required disclosures. It is how we protect your interests and ensure a smooth transaction for all involved. 

We even go so far as to provide an extra layer of safety and security by providing you free legal consultations before, during, and after the transaction is closed. 

Suppose there is a contract dispute or anything that requires a legal opinion. In that case, we will arrange for and cover the cost of a legal consultation with one of our attorneys to get you the information you need to make the best decision. We even wrap the entire transaction in our errors and omissions insurance policy. 

Still not sure The Everhome Way is right for you? Chat with one of our marketing specialists to get the rest of the information you need to see how you can sell your home fast and for top dollar and still save thousands in real estate commissions without giving up 5-star service and results!

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